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We categorize cookies as follows:

1)Essential cookies
These cookies are essential for websites and their features to work properly. Without these cookies, services such as the vehicle configurator may be disabled.

2)Functional cookies 
These cookies enable us to improve the usability and performance of websites and to provide various features. Functional cookies can store language settings, for example.

3)Performance cookies 
These cookies collect information about how you use websites. Performance cookies help us, for example, to identify especially popular areas of our website. In this way, we can adapt the content of our websites more specifically to your needs and thereby improve what we offer you. These cookies do not collect personal data. Further details on how the information is collected and analysed can be found in the section ‘Analysis of usage data’.

4)Third-party cookies 
These cookies are installed by third parties, e.g. social networks. Their main purpose is to integrate social media content on our site, such as social plugins. Information about how we use social plugins can be found in the ‘Social Plugins’ section of the privacy statement.

This website uses third-party cookies to:
Track visits and get statistics on the activity of users on the site
– Google Analytics to track visitors and to obtain statistics on website activity. More information is contained in the privacy policy of Google Analytics.

Include content from other sites such as videos or presentations
– Youtube Embed to embed videos. More information is contained in the privacy policy of Youtube.

– Vimeo Embed to embed videos. More information is contained in the privacy policy of Vimeo.

How to control cookies?
Cookies are related to the browser, and MAY BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM BROWSER, thus refusing / revoking the consent to the use of cookies.

Keep in mind that disabling cookies may prevent the use of some functions of the site itself. The instructions for disabling cookies are found on the following web pages:

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